Thinking about building a farm/barn building, machine shed, animal shelter equipment / food storage or a riding arena? There are many things you must take into consideration before fully committing to a builder, so make sure you do your homework!

Post frame farm/barn builders such as Integrity Post Structures are 100% committed to delivering leading edge technology that includes the most durable post in the industry that guarantees a strong post frame building with longevity.

Farm Barn Builder

Some builders also don’t allow you to make a fully customized farm/barn building to your exact specifications. You definitely want to make sure your commercial building is the perfect match for what you will need. Some basic things to think of when planning your build:

  • Good Workflow: Is everything easily accessible to make your job easy and efficient?
  • Easy to Clean: Your Farm/Barn building must be easy to clean and shouldn’t take you much time at all.
  • Good Lighting: Make sure there is plenty of lighting, enabling you to work during the night and day.
  • Door Placement: Make sure the placement of the doors is located in areas that are easily accessible.

Let’s take a look at why you should build a commercial farm/barn building with Integrity!

  • The industry’s best Perma-Column: With all of our sheds, shelters, arena, farm/barn and commercial buildings, we offer precast concrete columns that keeps the wood out of the ground and allows for a concrete foundation for your post frame building.
  • Wide variety of insulated and non-insulated doors to fit your animals and machinery.
  • Available insulated or combination with storage for feed, tack and wash bays customized for you.
  • Straight 24’ walls to allow you to park large equipment.
  • Low maintenance interiors and exteriors.
  • Our post frame / post buildings have large entry points.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Kick walls available.
  • Industry-leading warranty.
  • Full range of available colours.

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