Integrity Post Structures offers affordable storage sheds for your needs.

Canadian winters are known to be very cold and can cause problems when starting a vehicle. The same applies to machinery, except on a larger scale. Your vehicle’s resale value is increased when it is parked indoors and the same applies for your machinery. This is due to the fact that machines in storage have a longer operating life, and require less maintenance. When analyzing the data, research shows that farmers who had their machinery in storage sheds received a higher trade-in credit than those who stored it outside. Make the smart choice when it comes to protecting your investment with a storage shed.

Why Integrity Post Structures is the best company to build your machine storage shed

  • We are the only company in Canada to offer the Perma-Column – precast concrete columns that are a superior alternative to the industry standard wood columns
  • Wide range of door options to fit your machinery
  • Insulation options available or a combination of
  • Stronger metal material than the industry standard
  • Customizable to your requirements (size, shape, color)
  • Industry leading warranty on material and workmanship