Efficiency is likely to be more important this seeding season than ever for many farmers. To squeeze as many acres into the tight seeding window as possible, the temptation is to jack up travel speed and many wonder if they should invest in higher-tech equipment. Those farmers will be looking in the wrong direction to improve efficiency, say equipment experts. The single biggest factor that will make or break one’s ability to seed quickly and effectively is equipment maintenance.

The biggest challenge during seeding is the unknown — and that’s generally an equipment breakdown. You can’t take off a good crop unless you seed it. In order to seed it you have to have equipment that is operational. Any equipment, even old equipment, can be reliable if it’s well maintained. Unfortunately, you don’t realize how important maintenance is until you really need it. By storing equipment inside a machinery storage shed, your operation runs more smoothly by reducing down-time and lowering machinery repair costs. In fact, equipment stored outside had two times the down-time than equipment that had been stored indoors. 

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