One of the most critical things to remember when seeking a price for an Integrity building is that the most reliable source throughout the design process will always be your local salesman. The experienced sales team at Integrity are equipped with the knowledge to explain to a customer what a building will cost and why it will cost what it costs.

They serve as the primary point of contact throughout the entire construction process – from the first customer inquiry until the moment the customer is handed the keys to their completed building.

As with any Integrity building, the final cost of a building depends on a wide variety of factors and variables. Insulation and concrete floors typically have the largest impact on pricing. Other building components such as windows, doors, non-standard roof pitches and siding materials will heavily factor into the final price tag. Geography, typical climate conditions and extreme weather risks can also affect the price of a building. Every building is unique – a 40x60 Shop built in the Medicine Hat may not be engineered identically to a Shop built in Saskatoon. Before any Integrity building vision can become a reality, customers must coordinate building site planning and preparation. A handful of factors, considerations and restrictions can influence the decision on where to build, and adequate and efficient site preparation will only enhance the construction process. A flat site an ideal selection for construction, as grading and fill will require additional costs.

Successful site planning will also provide an efficient construction process. An adequate work zone around your building site will not only allow for crew equipment to be properly used, it will also provide for proper drainage and building use after your project is complete. So what does it cost? The price of an Integrity building is driven by two major factors – size and building components. Speaking with the salesman in your area to communicate your building ideas and preferences will always give you the best idea on what an accurate final price tag would be.