If a bad storm passes through Redvers, Saskatchewan, the newly expanded Fire Hall is built to withstand it. “When the expansion was designed, we made sure it would be built to last,” said Firefighter Brad Hutton. “Our fire hall will be the last building standing if we have disastrous weather come through here.”

In 2012, according to Environment Canada, Saskatchewan had more recorded tornadoes in the month of July than the entire U.S.  On June 15, 2012, eight tornadoes were recorded there in one day. “We had also seen other buildings Integrity Post Structures built in this area, and they were solid,” said Hutton.

The Redvers fire hall is 60 feet wide by 84 feet long, and includes an office. The building has four doors on one side, which were modified to provide additional support. “Other firefighters in Redvers are happy with the building and think we got great value for what we paid,” said Hutton. Hutton added he would definitely recommend Integrity Post Structures. After the decision was made to go with them, the process was quick and efficient. “What was promised, was delivered,” said Hutton. “Dates were followed, they kept to the schedule and the team at Integrity Post Structures was open and up front about what was doable, and what was not.” Roof trusses are one of the most critical elements of a post frame building. Integrity Post Structures uses top grade lumber and computer designed engineered trusses to ensure the highest structural integrity. Two GRK fasteners are also placed into each truss to pole connection, instead of the standard industry practice of only nailing the trusses.