Are you thinking about constructing an oil and gas building for commercial use or warehousing? Integrity Post Structures can engineer and build strong post-frame buildings to commercial specifications.

In fact, Integrity Post Structures is rapidly becoming the top choice for commercial buildings. With options like wide clear-spans up to 120’, our buildings are perfect for the energy industry, giving you unobstructed space to design your building to precise requirements. Whether you need multiple bays with overhead doors, large equipment storage or multi-purpose use that may include commercial office space, we have the proven expertise to create the building you need. Strong metal buildings allow you to work comfortably indoors, even in the harshest weather conditions. Our meticulous crews stick to efficient timelines and work within industry standards to construct buildings in Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C.

Perma-Columns: Available Exclusively from Integrity Post Structures in Canada

What does this mean for the oil & gas industry? Perma-Columns are 5’ precast concrete columns give you the option to have a concrete foundation on a post frame building. The Perma-Column is the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. It means that we can build post frame buildings without putting wood in the ground. The Perma-Column lifetime guarantee also ensures your building’s foundation will last. Learn how the Perma-Column is changing the post frame building for industrial uses.

Multi-Purpose Commercial Buildings

We also have a wide range of insulated and uninsulated doors to fit your equipment including sliding, bi-fold and overhead doors. Commercial buildings are available in insulated or combination with cold storage that is customized to your operation. Straight walls to 24’ give you maximum usable space and the ability to park large equipment close to the wall. Full 3/4” rib (large rib) metal gives our buildings superior strength and comes with a 40-year warranty on coloured metal walls and roofing. Our buildings also have an interlocking truss-to-post connection. Our saddled truss connection gives secure fastening through the whole post. This means a better load transfer from the roof to the walls. Windows are available in sliding or fixed options. Metal-lined interiors mean low (or no) maintenance.

Experience and Quality = Happy Customers

Taking pride in our work is high on our priority list. It's the driving factor that ensures consistently high-quality buildings. Our customers love that about us. "The crew was knowledgeable, fast and efficient," says Brad Simpson of B. Simpson Oilfield Services. "It's a good solid structure." Need more inspiration? Take a look at buildings we've constructed in our photo gallery. Or get in touch with us to get info on making your vision happen.