The most often asked question we get at this time of year is, “Can you build in the winter?” Our answer is YES, we can indeed build in the winter. If you are thinking about a new building, here are a few reasons why it may be more advantageous to book and build now versus in the busy spring and summer months.

#1. Because we can.

We can build post frame buildings all through the year. With proper precautions and equipment, almost all construction work can be carried on in winter. You’ll see our crews across Western Canada building farm shops, hay shelters, riding arenas, and more. At times, conditions can actually be ideal for building. Of course, Mother Nature still rules the building schedule. Our crews are only human and can’t function if a blizzard or extreme chill sets in. But compared to other building types, post frame buildings still go up pretty fast. Be prepared for a slightly longer build schedule.  

#2. You’ll get a better deal.

Most construction companies are busiest from spring to fall. So if you want to save a little, book your farm building in the winter. As a building owner, you may profit by saving interest on your investment and by securing earlier use of the structure for storage, commercial use, etc.  

#3. Shelter your valuable livestock and farm equipment from the cold

Research shows that livestock and equipment will perform better and retain value when stored indoors (or given the option to take a break from the cold and wind if you have cattle or horses). [caption id="attachment_801" align="alignnone" width="451"]Economical shelters give horses and cattle respite from the cold Economical shelters give horses and cattle respite from the cold[/caption] Get a jump on saving savings by having a place to shelter your livestock, horses, farm equipment or a place to work on your equipment out of the elements.   See what farm shop owner Greg Steer has to say about the benefits of working in a heated farm shop

If you decide to build over the winter, leave the snow on your site until a couple of days before the crew is scheduled to arrive. Snow cover will help insulate the ground from potential frost. Why wait until the spring rush?  Contact us right now to get started on your building project.


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