Take a bumper harvest across Western Canada, add a grain transportation bottleneck, and you’ve got many farmers across the prairies left searching for crop storage solutions.

In January’s Western Producer, Errol Anderson a market analyst with ProMarket Consulting in Calgary, says the magnitude of this year’s crop will put a strain on rail car capacity and grain companies with commercial storage already tight--and likely to become tighter.

Dual-Purpose Grain Storage Buildings

The good news is that farmers can now look to post frame buildings to help ease their grain storage woes.

We can build you a grain storage building that will offer the proper conditions to maximize your profits.

Our grain storage solutions are flexible can be customized to meet your needs. You can actually get extra value for your money with our building packages—when not needed for grain storage, you can stow your farm machinery in the same space.

According to Alberta’s Agriculture and Rural Development department, there are a number of advantages of metal structures when it comes to grain storage. They include:

  • Fire proof
  • Rodent proof
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • Strong
  • Provide fewer places for insects to breed
  • Infested grain can be fumigated more effectively

Building Specs

Our buildings store approximately 5.5 bushels per sq/ft with grain 3-4' up the sides. They are low maintenance and come in a wide range of sizes. You can choose from a selection of insulated and uninsulated doors to fit your machinery including sliding, bi-fold and overhead.


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