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Al Williams and Jerry Myer started their post-frame building company in Okotoks in 2008.

From there the company has grown to include having the exclusive Canadian rights to cutting edge post-frame technology and last year opening a building supplies superstore as well.

“We act as broker for contractors and for builders so they can find the best quality products for the best price. We offer them a service. We try to set ourselves apart from what’s out there right now with our service and our delivery and our pricing. We use integrity and honesty more or less in the way that we drive this company,” said Myer. Integrity Post Structures Ltd., a construction company building post-frames across Western Canada, started in 2008. Integrity Building Products Ltd., a building supplies superstore, began in 2012. Today, they have 19 employees. “When we started the company Al had come from a sales background in the post-frame industry and I had come from a construction background in the landscaping and construction industry in Calgary,” says Myer. “We started the company knowing that the only way we could sustain ourselves in that market was to come up with a better product, higher quality construction and newer, innovative products that would go into our buildings to try to set ourselves apart from our competition.” One of its featured products is the Perma Column which is a concrete foundation for posts. “We’re the only ones in Canada that carry this product that use it for our buildings,” says Williams. “Post-frame construction is a traditional way of constructing agricultural buildings across the Prairies. Post-frame construction has been around since the early 1960s and it’s been used in many, many applications for agriculture, for machine storage, farm shops, riding arenas, hay sheds. That’s what we build.” They have 12-14 construction crews and build about 300 buildings across Western Canada. “Over the last few years, there’s been a big need for these buildings in a commercial application because they’re built very, very efficiently in terms of costs,” says Williams. “They’re built very, very efficiently in terms of the speed they go up. One thing they always were missing was a proper foundation so traditionally wood would go into the ground and we joined up with a company out of the States called Perma Column and they build a concrete foundation pre-casted that sits at the bottom of a pole.” Williams says there’s about 20,000 post-frame buildings throughout Western Canada and about 4,000 of them get built every year. Integrity Building Products is a wholesale superstore for contractors, renovators, and new home construction servicing the Calgary and area market.

It specializes in new home construction packages; renovation solutions; garage packages; and decking and fencing alternatives. It also specializes in bringing new and innovative products to the mainstream contractor and consumer.

By Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald March 31, 2013

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