They saw a void in the market and a pair of Okotoks business partners has stepped in to fill the vacuum and they have done so with impressive success.

Al Williams and Jerry Myer started Integrity Post Structures in Okotoks in 2008 and the business has grown substantially in just a few years.

Integrity Post built about 90 buildings its first year and business doubled in year two. Now, it is expected they will build more than 350 post frame buildings across western Canada in the next year.

“We have excellent crews who build excellent buildings,” said Williams of their business’ success. “Our reputation is preceeding us now. We have a strong reputation because our products our more refined and we build quality buildings.”

However, despite the success of Integrity Post Buildings Myer and Williams are always watchful of changes in the industry.

One glaring issue they were faced regularly was comments from contractors regarding the lack of a facility where they could get everything they needed under one roof whether it was trusses, lumber, drywall, joists or even quality tools.

After listening to the concerns of some of their customers Williams and Myer saw a new business.

“This is a very exciting opportunity about to happen,” said Williams. “A lot of homebuilders have an issue with buying trusses, lumber, supplies and service in one place. We are taking a new approach.”

Their new approach is Integrity Building Products which offers one-stop shopping for builders and contractors.

“Many contractors have talked about the need for a one-stop shop that offers service and convenience,” said Williams. “We felt there was a niche for this type of business in southern Alberta and plan on delivering on both quality products and timely service to the time-strapped contractor working within tight budgets.”

One of the main focuses on Integrity Building Products, and what sets it apart, is its ability to offer quick, convenient service at affordable prices.

Myer said one of the reasons they can offer their products at the best price is they work diligently to find their customers the best products and the best price.

“We are trying to change the game,” said Myer. “Today builders have to follow the market. Our game plan is to try to stabilize the market for our customers so they can avoid having to deal with what is a volatile market.”

Integrity Building Products has a partnership with Castle Building Group which also gives the Okotoks business credibility in the industry and access to buy wholesale.

Williams said it took the partners about two years to secure the affiliation with Castle and get Integrity Building Products off the ground.

The new business was launched in November and thus far business has been booming.

For example, when Williams and Myer first started integrity Post Structures they worked out of a 3,000-square-foot building. Now they have built a 37,000-square-foot facility just east of Okotoks on Highway 2 with plans to add another 20,000-square-foot building.

They now have 20 employees and 100 subcontractors across western Canada.

Myer said another strength is the majority of employees at Integrity are family and people who have roots in Okotoks meaning everyone on staff “has skin in the game” and wants to ensure the business is successful.

Long-time Okotokian Ervie Miller has been a customer of Integrity and he said it is easy to see why it has been successful.

“They are customer oriented and they are passionate about their work,” said Miller. “Their love their jobs and to be successful that is something you have to do.”

Miller would know, he started Miller Ag Supply in 1991 and has since sold it to his son Robert. It has been rebranded Miller Supply and is a fuel and lube distributor for southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As for Integrity Building Products Williams said they too have a long-term vision for their latest venture.

“We will be the preferred supplier for new home builders’ materials in the Calgary area,” he said.

It appears Myer and Williams are ready to build on what is already a strong foundation in the community.

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Published by the Western Wheel, March 6, 2013
By John Barlow


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