Integrity Post Structures announced today it is supporting the Okotoks Outriders 4-H Horse Club (4-H Club) with a $5,000 donation. Integrity will be sponsoring the 4-H Club programs for the 2014-15 season, which focus on equine education, leadership and agriculture for youth ranging from age six to 17.

“It is hard to put into words what a generous donation like this will do for our members,” says Brenda Taylor, General Leader, Okotoks Outriders 4-H club. “We bring a variety of learning opportunities to local kids. They learn how to ride, about equine health as well as building self-esteem and a sense of belonging. In short, 4-H promotes a hands-on approach to learning.”

“At Integrity, we believe in supporting the community,” says Jerry Myer, partner at Integrity. “The 4-H Club partnership is a natural fit for us in several ways. It’s local, I’m an Alberta cowboy and I’ve always been involved with horses. At Integrity, we are active with the equestrian community in a number of ways, so supporting the Okotoks 4-H Club made sense to us.”

“The quality and value of the 4-H program is immeasurable. The partnership we are creating with Integrity Post Structures and the Okotoks Outriders 4-H horse club will help open doors to our programs for our members,” adds Taylor.

The 4-H Club members are a group of young—but dedicated—horse enthusiasts who are “Learning to do by Doing”. The club has been in existence for the past 25 years, and is strongly supported by volunteers.


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