In response to market demand for the Integrity Post Structure’s high-performance Perma-Column technology, we are excited to announce new cutting edge technology that will further advance the Canadian post frame industry. The new Integrity Post Disc supports the Perma-Column concrete post, by allowing for post frame construction in soils with low-bearing capacity or high water tables.

The disc can also be used to support standard posts.

The engineered disc, which sits under the post, helps limit settlements thanks to its extended surface areas by evenly distributing the column loading to the surrounding sub-grade. Made of injection-molded plastic, the innovative honeycomb design ensures the disc stays in position under the post.

“This application will help further extend the life of post frame buildings well into the future,” says Al Williams, Integrity Post Structures partner. “It is designed to withstand wet conditions and minimize frost heave. Customers need not worry that their posts will rot or breakdown in wet conditions with the combination of the Perma-Column concrete post and Integrity Post Disc.”

“The advanced Integrity Post Frame building technology is taking the post frame industry in Canada forward by leaps and bounds,” said Williams. “We are providing a product for farmers, business owners, equestrians and more, with structural integrity in an efficient way.”


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