As one of only 3 companies in North America to achieve this status, we are extremely proud. Integrity takes safety seriously. Today the NFBA awarded Integrity with The Gail Miller Recognition Program for Excellence in Safety, Platinum Level Award.

Jerry Myer, CEO & Founder of Integrity says "There have been too many accidents in the construction industry that could have been prevented by following common sense. Integrity became a COR Certified company to ensure the safety of our employees, crews and customers. That investment has paid off and we couldn't be more proud to accept this award".

Steve Auerbach , Integrity's full time Safety Coordinator has developed a safety program that is second to none. "All you need to do is have a look at the Integrity Safety Manual to understand it's depth and significance. Our team is dedicated to going above an beyond when it comes to our safety. We want to be able to say that we wrote the book on the safety standard for the post frame industry", says Auerbach.


When it comes to safety and other innovations at Integrity, we won't settle and will continue to research better ways to do our job and improve the industry as a whole.


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