If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it's that hail sucks. Parts of Western Canada are actually called "Hail Alley". From homes, to expensive machines and crops, hail is on the mind of every landowner when we see those strange coloured clouds headed our way. One great way to protect your expensive machines from hail damage is with a Integrity Post Frame Building. We know first hand how much of a pain hail damage can be. Down time, repair bills, insurance - no thank you. 

In the last 9 years in Alberta alone there has been about $5 billion dollars in insured damage. $5 BILLION. And industry experts predict that number is only going to climb. Changing seasonal and weather patterns are here and we need to think differently about it. A Integrity Post Frame Building will protect the value of your equipment from more than just hail. Keep your machines out of the winds, storms and snow. 

Integrity Post Frame Buildings are a smart, economical and quick way to get all of your expensive equipment under one roof. Our R&D team is constantly looking a the way weather is changing and how our buildings need to adapt. The technology and engineering that goes into a Integrity Post Frame Building is light years ahead of any other builder in Western Canada. Let's not build the same way we did 50 years ago. Let's build for the next 50 years.  BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Post Frame Buildings that make sense for a changing world.



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