We all know the story of the Big Bad Wolf who will huff and puff until he blows the little pig’s house down.  When I was a kid, I was more interested in the cool pictures in the book and I only sort of understood that a stronger building made sense. I never understood why all three of those pigs didn’t all build the strongest building possible.

There is a lesson here, right?

Now that I’ve gone through several cycles of reading that story to my own kids and have gained knowledge from life experience, I understand why you always want to invest in long lasting, stronger products. And that goes for post frame buildings. Especially post frame buildings in Western Canada.

The truth is a lot has changed with materials, engineering, design, the environment and the purpose of having a post frame building. The truth is also that there are many builders that are still using the same building methods that were in place 60 years ago. And I need to wonder why that is?

The materials we have available to us today are superior to what they were even 15 years ago. But even the best materials are just a bunch of metal, wood and concrete if they aren’t properly engineered, designed and constructed.

If we want to talk about the Big Bad Wolf – let’s talk about the weather. Stronger winds, greater severity of storms that bring insane hail, rain and snow. I’m not a scientist or a meteorologist but something tells me this is a trend that will continue.

Your equipment is not the equipment that was produced in days past. Larger machines loaded with technology that need better protection. Some of this equipment costs more than a house and it needs to be taken care of! Protecting your investment is essential to your operations.

What ever the case is, investing a post frame building that is strong and is engineered to stand the test of time is critical.

Integrity has been introducing new materials and ways of building for more than a decade. We set out with the idea that we can help move the entire industry forward. With close to 4000 buildings complete in agriculture, commercial and residential areas, we are proud to provide our customers with structures that are built better, are stronger and will last for generations.

Innovations such as the Perma-Column concrete post foundation system that takes all wood out of the ground. This system not only offers strength but adds value to your building. Eliminating the costly exercise of replacing rotting posts in the future saves time and money. Not to mention headaches.

The Integrity Storm Bracket was designed to combat increasingly strong winds. This product is engineered to increase post to truss connections strength by up to 10 times. It also reduces total building deflection by up to 350%.

The Integrity Architectural Series 26-gauge cladding is stronger and offers better resistance to hail damage.

These are only a few of the innovations that make out buildings that strongest in the industry. It’s all part of The Integrity Difference. Now let’s build smart and keep all the Big Bad Wolves away.



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