Alberta Barns, Alberta Pole Sheds, Riding Arenas, Hay Sheds, Machine Sheds, Shops, Airplane Hangars - Alberta Post Frame Leaders, Integrity are ready to customize your dream building now. And the great news is we don't only build in Alberta. Integrity has been building Post Frame Buildings in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for more than a decade. 


So let's check the list:

BC Post Frame - Integrity - Check!

Alberta Post Frame - Integrity - Check!

Saskatchewan Post Frame - Integrity - Check!

Manitoba Post Frame - Integrity - Check!

Not only do we customize you building to the way YOU want it, we also offer the greatest selections in posts, colours, door options, industry leading warranty and the highest safety rating in Canada. 

Let's talk about posts. Integrity offers laminated & treated wood posts, we offer the superb concrete Perma Column Post (no wood in the ground means no rot - ever!) and the Integrity screw pile foundation system. 

Your next building is a big investment and you want to make sure you are getting value for the money you are about to spend. Here is a list of what makes Integrity different:

  1. Industry changing lifetime guarantee and peace of mind with every Perma-column building. Wood in the ground will rot, concrete will not.

    2. Engineered building with complimentary sealed blueprints included with every building.

    3. Five-year workmanship warranty on all buildings.
    (Industry average is two years)

    4. Work with LOCAL sales managers and construction crews who live or work in your area.

    5. We are a licensed and bonded company.

    6. We offer the best service in the industry that includes a dedicated service team should any issues arise.

    7. 14” Integrity Post Disc provided and placed under every Perma-Column and standard post installed. This provides a solid base under every post and reduces chance of post settlement.

    8. 4” and 6” GRK Fasteners used on every truss-to-post connection throughout your building, providing sound fastening of your roof system to the posts.

    9. Integrity Storm Bracket to increase connection strength up to 10X previous strength and reduce total building deflection by up to 350% — a stronger building able to withstand high winds.

    10. Our reps make site visits throughout the building process.

    If these options are not offered by your builder, you are not getting the best building available.



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