Customer feedback is vital to the success of a company and Integrity Post Structures is no exception. For years, we’ve solicited customer feedback after every completed building project in the form of a survey. We ask for feedback on the sales consultant, construction crew, the product, and overall satisfaction.

We strongly encourage our customers to write their personal thoughts on the process, whether it be about the satisfaction they experienced or the items they would like to see improvement on. When the responses are sent back, our dedicated team reads every single one and logs the data. These surveys don’t just get filed in a folder though. Our customer’s feedback is celebrated, discussed and acted upon. Any issues are sent to the appropriate department and are dealt with immediately. Why? Integrity Post Structures prides itself in its exemplary customer service and building quality. Our customers have shaped the company that we are today.

We are excited to be able to share our customer reviews on our website and social media. They are updated on a regular basis and anyone is able to read the actual, customer comments. Referrals from customers have always helped set us apart in the marketplace, along with our exceptional warranties and our people. Our transparency is yet another differentiation between our company and others. We hope that you enjoy reading the customer reviews as much as we do!


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