Insulation Codes

We have always built our post-frame buildings to meet required codes for building energy and insulation efficiency.

All Integrity buildings conform to the energy codes that went Into effect November 1, 2016. One question that we hear a lot is "how efficient are post-frame buildings?" That’s a great question!

What’s changed?

The new code – called NECB 2011 – works to improve energy efficiency in all buildings. This results in approximately 25% energy efficiency than previous versions of the code.

What type of buildings does the new code apply to?

It includes all new buildings (Group A, B, and F1) and all new buildings greater than 300 m2 or exceeding 3 storeys (Group C,D,E,F2, and F3)

You’re right — that includes your new post-frame building.

What does this mean for you?

The more energy efficient a building is, the less it costs to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To ensure compliance with the new National Energy Code, we design our buildings from the ground up with efficiency in mind.

How our buildings pass muster

Our envelope design factors in superior materials, including insulation and the building materials themselves. Integrity uses better windows and more energy efficient overhead doors/man doors to minimize heat transfer.

High-grade weather stripping/water-stop membranes/air barriers ensure minimal draft/air transfer.

In addition to the materials and construction techniques used to build your new energy-efficiency building, we also leverage computer heat/energy modelling to validate our designs.

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