Safety and Certification

Integrity Buildings has gone over and above industry standards to further minimize risk and liability.

Safety is our first priority

There is an element of liability in every construction project. An injury on your property is not only tragic for the injured person, but creates liability for everyone involved; from the customer to the crew manager to the company owner. When an injury occurs, It means you're now battling insurance companies, filling out paperwork, and experiencing delays to your project.

Integrity Buildings has gone over and above industry standards by creating its own Safety Certification Program to even further minimize risk and liability. We also follow industry regulations by having a comprehensive health and safety program that has been reviewed by an independent third party. Regulatory inspections are undertaken on a regular basis to review health and safety practices and to find and correct gaps in their strategy.

What Does This Mean for You?

COR Certification

We have invested in health and safety programs, standards, and processes that comply with COR (Certificate of Recognition – a program facilitated by the Alberta government).

What Is COR?

COR stands for Certificate of Recognition. When a business is COR certified, you can feel confident knowing that its crews understand the risks involved with the project and, more importantly, how to mitigate them.

Why Is Health & Safety Important?

  • We make significant investments in our employees and their training and safety. We think it’s important to provide a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • We believe that part of being a good employer is having policies that provide a safety net for our staff; even one preventable injury is too many.

What's Involved in Getting Cor Certified?

COR certification is a multi-step process. The main components are:

  • An internal health & safety policy – At Integrity, our policy outlines how certain tasks are performed, safety equipment to be used, and when to call for backup.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – PPE can be the difference between life and death. We ensure all our staff wear appropriate eye, hand, foot and ear protection as needed.
  • Safe job procedures – We don’t believe in rushing builds or cutting corners at the expense of our clients or our crews. We have created established processes to ensure our staff are safe when on-site.
  • Training & communication – All our staff are trained and receive regular refreshment training on our safety procedures and policies.

We Invest in COR Certification because we believe our staff deserve a safe and productive work environment.


Orange Seal Certification

 We established the Orange Seal in 2016 as an internal certification and minimum standard set for our crews that represents excellence in the Post Frame Industry. Through our yearly training program, Integrity-exclusive crews are required to obtain an Orange Seal Certification by successfully participating and completing our Safety Seminar.

Each year Integrity Buildings hosts a 1-day Safety & Training Seminar all our crews are required to attend. During this “in-class session” we review upgrades to policies and procedures, quality of materials and updated standards.

What are the benefits for our customers?

Our Crews Are/Have:

  • Attended & completed the Integrity Safety Seminar
  • Trained in material safety
  • Trained on safety procedures and practices for the job site
  • All tickets are monitored to be compliant and up-to-date
  • All equipment has been safety checked and approved
  • Monitored through random site visits by our Safety Officer
  • Submit daily Toolbox Meeting attendance reports
  • Educated on building the “Integrity Way” to ensure all projects are built to approved standards
  • Up-to-date on building policies & procedures
  • Use approved materials

Another level of accountability

Every building with Integrity Buildings is engineered to meet or exceed specifications for strength and durability. By doing this we set in place another level of accountability on our crews. We also use an internal communication system to allow quick updates and notifications to our crews, but also to allow crews to collaborate with each other, pass along advice, questions and successes.

Our crews work closely with our engineer to ensure each building follows the supplied guidelines.

When businesses take active steps in protecting their staff, everyone benefits. Our crews enjoy a safe workplace that has their best interests in mind, and our customers enjoy a seamless build experience without unnecessary and unexpected delays due to preventable injuries.

At Integrity Buildings, we bring integrity into everything that we do: from the way we quote our buildings to the way we treat our staff. It's the right thing to do.



The National Frame Building Association (NFBA) Gail Miller Recognition Program for Excellence in Safety recognizes NFBA member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to improving job-site safety through the development, implementation, and enforcement of a safety program. All applicants will be recognized on the basis of an assessment of their safety program.

Integrity is proud to be one of only 3 companies in North America to be awarded the Platinum Level of the Gail Miller Recognition Program for Excellence in Safety.


Build Your Next Project with Integrity

You'll notice the difference with an Integrity Building crew from the moment they arrive on your site. Their attention to detail, skill level and lastly — but just as importantly — the respectful way they interact with our clients. If you need service down the road, we are just a phone call away. Our level of service stands out in the industry. It's our everyday way of doing business.