When Forma Steel had to make the decision whom to use to build the new storage facility for all of their metal cladding, the answer was obvious: "We've seen the quality of the end product many times over and we knew how quickly the buildings get done" says James Coast, General Manager of Fort Macleod based Forma Steel.

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Forma Steel’s new building

"Despite this inside knowledge we were impressed when we saw it happen first hand. Everybody who drove by was wondering how it was possible for the building to go up in only two weeks. And our response was always the same: Integrity Post Structures is just really good at what it does." The Integrity Post Structures business model is based on loyal, long-term partnerships. Forma Steel is the sole supplier of all metal cladding used in the construction of Integrity post frame structures and has been since Integrity opened its doors in 2008. Forma Steel’s product is one of the main components allowing Integrity to build the strongest post frame building on the market. According to Coast, Integrity’s post frame structure has been a critical component in allowing Forma Steel to expand their production capacity and rearrange the production facility. He further points out how very well organized the build was: "The crew had what they needed when they needed it. There were no delays." "Integrity had no problem accommodating all of our requests and extras, that typically aren’t part of a post structure. The flexibility of design was impressive and the customization painless." "Because we wanted the building to be 20 feet high, the engineer insisted that many of the posts in the building be LVL* posts. It was a design requirement. It was very reassuring to be able to work so closely with an engineer who will go to extremes to make sure you get the building you want and need", Coast adds.

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) post[/caption] * LVL – Laminated Veneer Lumber Integrity uses West Fraser LVL for all beams and posts that require it. LVL is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives and ran through a machine press. This creates a superior manufactured product that has tested and true strength values that are far superior to any other type of lumber.

Forma Steel is a family owned business dedicated to quality products and long lasting client relationships. The have been providing first rate products since 1992 and are well know in their community for their generous donations and giving back. In addition to Forma Steel, the company has another business venture called Structural Truss Systems – also one of Integrity’s key partners. STS manufactures quality wood floor and roof trusses in their Fort Macleod plant.