One of Rick Butler's main hobbies is horseback riding. But he was tired of riding outside in the cold during Alberta's harsh winters. He had seen Integrity Post Structures’ office many times while driving along Highway 2, and decided to contact them about building a riding arena. Butler already had a barn, which had been built many years ago.

If you want to keep your horses in the best shape, consider  investing in a budget-friendly horse shelter. A ready-to-move shelter shades your horses from the hot sun, allows them to escape flies, and protects them from the wind, heavy rain and snow.

Blair Rusnack sought the services of Integrity Post Structures to construct a riding arena he could use for roping. He wanted a cost-effective building with a high insulation value, which would be efficient to operate and maintain.

Pat Weizba hired Integrity Post Structures to build an indoor riding area and he couldn’t be happier. “Riding in here with the 20-foot high walls is really worth it,” says Pat. “The building is 100% insulated. While we have no heat in the riding area at all, it’s really comfortable and we can ride out here all winter.”

Let me set the scene: it’s a beautiful, sunny summer day. It’s not too hot, a light breeze is coming your way. In other words--a perfect day for riding.

Now for the real picture in western Canada. From cold winds and icy conditions to blazing heat, we have a wide range of weather to deal with. Those perfect days can be few and far between.

If you’re reading this, you likely understand how an indoor riding arena can help you and your horse avoid missing training days due to bad weather, and in the long term, improve your riding.

Thinking of building a riding arena to cope in our cold Canadian climate? For roper Robert Klein, an indoor riding arena just made sense. Based in DeWinton, Alberta, Klein can now rope in comfort all year round.

Over the years, I have sold and helped design over 500 post frame buildings across Western Canada. Here are a few tips I’ve learned that will help you with your project.