If you want to keep your horses in the best shape, consider  investing in a budget-friendly horse shelter. A ready-to-move shelter shades your horses from the hot sun, allows them to escape flies, and protects them from the wind, heavy rain and snow.

Integrity livestock shelters are designed to be naturally ventilating and adaptable.

Benefits of Horse Shelters

Compelling reasons to use shelters for your horses:

  • Less maintenance. Shelters may only need occasional cleaning that can be done with a tractor.
  • Horses can choose when they want to be in the shelter.
  • Better ventilation, and healthier for their lungs.
  • Some shelters can be moved according to weather, drainage or to another pasture to allow grass to recover in one area.
  • Relatively low-cost.

The best aspect of the ready-to-move horse shelter is its simplicity. They are basic, attractive sheds that serve your horse's needs, and make horse-keeping chores less strenuous. Integrity Post Structures produces high-quality buildings that are expertly designed and flawlessly constructed. Our customers love that about us. Contact us to talk about your options for structures that protect your horses and keep them healthy.