Blair Rusnack sought the services of Integrity Post Structures to construct a riding arena he could use for roping. He wanted a cost-effective building with a high insulation value, which would be efficient to operate and maintain.

 The riding arena that Integrity Post Structures built for Blair was 250' x 100'. It allows for plenty of room for all types of riding. He was impressed with how the Integrity Post Structures team worked. “The crew did an excellent job,” says Blair. “They erected the building and insulated it in less than 15 days." With low-maintenance interiors and exteriors, Integrity Post Structures arenas are designed to make cleaning easy because of the large entry points.

Riding arenas are available insulated, non-insulated or as a combination of both. Looking for a high-performance indoor riding arena to match your passion for riding? Whatever your specialty, whether it be jumping, dressage, rodeo, roping or penning, Integrity can design a functional and beautiful riding ring for commercial or pleasure.