Supply Chain Team

Mastering the Art of Supply Chain:

How Integrity Building Products Ensures Quality and Competitive Price in Dynamic Markets

Integrity Building Products’ number one priority is to ensure products are available when and where our customers need them. Our Supply Chain team, including purchasing, receiving and inventory management specialists, is an integral part of delivering on that promise. The team employs advanced supply chain management techniques to provide an assurance of supply at a fair price, even in the toughest market conditions.

Combined, Integrity’s Supply Chain team brings over 75 years of direct experience. They manage tens of thousands of SKUs and have the expertise required to get a customer everything from basic dimension lumber to more specialized components including prefabricated wall-panels. “The challenge isn’t getting our customers the product they need,” explains Scott Myer, Chief Operations Officer for the Integrity Group and business unit leader for Integrity Building Products. “The challenge is getting our customers the product they need, when they need it, at the right price. Our talented Supply Chain team helps ensure that we can always fulfill our commitment to our customers.”

The Right Product

At its most foundational level, the Supply Chain team manages inventory – current products on hand, and ordering more when required. “Counting and ordering inventory is a big part of what we do, but we are also focused on ensuring that we are stocking the right materials and the quality of those materials,” explains Brady Wilk, Supply Chain Manager.

Supply Chain team

Working collaboratively both internally and externally, Integrity’s Supply Chain team gains valuable insight into market demand. “Our teams work together to identify product opportunities, to ensure our customers are getting the building materials they want and need, and also to identify product quality issues. By working as a team we can fulfill the commitment we made to our customers to deliver them the right product,” says Scott.

Quality assurance is a top priority. “Our products are organic matter, so they can deteriorate over time. They can also be easily damaged through handling or environmental exposure,” explains Brady. Quality control is paramount, hence the team has established processes and standard operating procedures to maintain the quality of inventory carried across Integrity’s four different locations. “We want to ensure that all of our products leave in the same condition that they arrived,” adds Brady.

The Right Price

Integrity Building Products is committed to getting its customers the best price for their products. Through strategic buying and proven inventory management processes, the Supply Chain team evolves and adapts within a commodity-based market..

Experience, expertise and a keen eye on the commodities market enable the Supply Chain team to adjust their buying strategies when necessary and secure the right deal. “My day usually starts with a review of the markets – looking at the news, reviewing pricing, and putting it all into the context of our needs and that of our customers,” explains Brady.

Supply Chain team forms a buying strategy

Having a full understanding of current inventory and the upcoming demand, Brady and his team take the information from their market analysis and execute the buying strategy. “We are always looking about 60 to 90 days out, we know approximately what our inventory needs to be and we begin to align our analysis of the market with our future inventory needs. If we see that the markets are becoming more competitive we may choose to purchase more inventory now, believing that will save our customers money in the long run.”

Regardless of market conditions, Integrity Building Products is always committed to getting its customers the very best value for their product. “We work with vendors, analyzing our contracts and commitments, and negotiating the best prices. We know our inventory levels, and we work closely with our Account Management team to understand the demand. We are always collecting information and working to create the ideal buying strategy to get our customers the best price,” explains Brady.

The Right Time

Timing is everything, and for Integrity’s Supply Chain team, it is an important factor in their success. The team relies on long-term strategic planning for raw materials and building products, as well as short-term, tactical planning for the delivery of products. “It’s a bit of a juggling act,” explains Brady. “We want to order products early so we can get the best price. But we also need to turn those products quickly.”

The Supply Chain team works very closely with the Account Management team, using demand data to project supply requirements over time. “We use all the information at our disposal to understand past, current, and future demand, applying predictive modeling and real-time inventory practices to plan the strategic movement of our materials,” adds Brady.

Integrity Building Products managing the lumber materials

But even with the best plans, the Supply Chain team needs to be agile and have the inventory available for short notice and last-minute requests. “It’s more of a challenge to plan for those unexpected orders that have short deadlines, but it’s important to us that we deliver the products to our customers when they need them, not just when it is convenient for us. We are always planning for the unexpected and our team can pivot and move inventory quickly, allowing us to be responsive,” says Brady.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Customer’s Success

In the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry, Integrity Building Products remains at the forefront, driven by the passion and expertise of its Supply Chain team. Their ability to balance long-term strategic planning with short-term tactical agility underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction, making every day an exciting and dynamic challenge for the team. With Integrity, customers can trust that their building material needs will be met with precision, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Integrity Building Products’ willingness to be adaptive and responsive to inventory management paid off during COVID-19. Read how Integrity’s Supply Chain team applied an agile and strategic approach to help clients manage building material supply in a very challenging time.

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Jerry Myer of Integrity Post Structures received the Movers & Shakers Award for 2010 from Alberta Construction Magazine.


Agri-Trade’s Equipment Expo Ag Innovation Winner – Integrity Post Structures with their winning submission Perma-Column.


Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Young Entrepreneur Award of Distinction Winner – Integrity Post Structures.


Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.

Integrity Buildings wins in two categories for the 2018 NFBA Building of the Year Awards.

The NFBA (National Frame Building Association) has awarded Integrity Buildings with two 2018 North American Building of the year awards. The winner categories are “Hobby Shop” and “Institutional Building”.

Jerry Myer, Founder & CEO of Integrity says “Since day one at Integrity, we have made it our goal to not only be the best post frame builder in Canada, but develop new and innovative ways to make the industry better. These awards are an honour and we are proud to win, but they are also a testament to the hard work and dedication of an entire team to achieve our goals.”

Myer also added “Every building Integrity builds is custom. That means our customers get our industry leading expertise and are able to add their own ideas to truly make their building something that can be proud of for generations”.