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Delivering Excellence

A Closer Look at Delivery Services from Integrity Building Products

At Integrity Building Products, our priority is to provide quality building materials supported by unparalleled service excellence to our customers. We take great pride in delivering products accurately, on time, and safely. Our Logistics team lies at the heart of this commitment, working tirelessly to manage and streamline the delivery process. With extensive experience, a fleet of vehicles, and proven systems, our dedicated team strives to be a leader in the industry for customer satisfaction.

Accurate Order Fulfillment

Integrity Building Products understands the importance of the end-to-end delivery process for its customers. The Logistics team works closely with account management, component manufacturing and yard operations teams to ensure the products are picked, staged and delivered seamlessly.

“The Logistics team is an integral part of the customer’s experience,” explains Scott Myer, Chief Operating Officer of Integrity Group and business unit leader for Integrity Building Products. “Once an order is confirmed, and the production team has picked and staged the order, it is the responsibility of our logistics team to ensure its accuracy and to safely deliver the materials to our customer’s site at the scheduled time.”

IBP Delivery team Drake Flynn

The Logistics team’s expertise lies in orchestrating numerous moving parts to guarantee a smooth and efficient delivery experience. “We work closely with our sales and supply chain teams plus warehouse, yard and manufacturing teams, to ensure that the products customers ordered will be ready for delivery,” explains Drake Flynn, Integrity Building Products Logistics Manager. “We also work closely with our fleet, facility and safety teams so that all parts are working synchronously.”

The logistics team relies on proven systems and processes to ensure the materials a builder requires are scheduled, loaded correctly and in time for desired delivery. “We utilize a combination of digital and analog systems to ensure the order is processed accurately,” explains Drake. “Our ERP software gives us up-to-date inventory information and streamlines our fulfillment processes. It enhances communication between team members and departments. We support our digital processes with good-old-fashioned manual checks.”

Reliable Delivery to Your SITE

Once materials are loaded and verified by the Logistics team, Integrity’s team of experienced drivers and fleet take over. Integrity boasts a versatile and flexible fleet of trucks and trailers to accommodate diverse order volumes and offloading requirements. “The extensive capacity of our delivery fleet allows us to cater to both small and large-scale orders efficiently. With a large fleet at our disposal, we can swiftly respond to customer demands and deliver products faster, ensuring that our clients can proceed with their construction projects without delay,” Drake states.

Safety is a priority for Integrity and is also one of Integrity’s core values. “We take safety seriously,” explains Drake. “This includes not only the safety of our employees, but of our products and equipment, and our customer’s team members and property.”

IBP Fleet

To support the safe delivery of products the equipment, fleet and drivers are closely supported by Integrity’s Fleet and Safety teams, who ensure equipment is in good, safe operating condition. As well, all drivers have the proper training and expertise to use the equipment and navigate residential construction sites. “Our drivers have proper certifications, such as a Class 1 and Class 3 licenses, and they are experienced in navigating challenging construction sites, such as new developments and residential areas, where streets can be narrow or even obstructed,” says Drake.

“Ensuring that the order is delivered accurately – both in product and location – is a priority for our team.”

Integrity Building Product drivers are also experienced in delivering a variety of diverse building materials, not just dimensional lumber and sheet goods. “We aren’t just delivering bundles of sticks, that can be neatly piled on the truck and easily unloaded on site,” explains Drake. “Our products, such as roof trusses and prefabricated wall panels, present more unique challenges for our delivery teams in terms of load management and off-loading in a manner that supports site requirements.”

The delivery team must ensure all packages are unloaded in the correct order. “Just like Lego, our packages are carefully bundled for more efficient handling on-site,” explains Drake. “This makes it easier for the framing crew to begin construction of the home, and is especially critical when wall panels are being used.”

IBP loaded truck

To support the complex requirements of residential framing materials, Integrity has invested in a variety of assets. Integrity’s flatbed trucks include a moffet for drivers to unload the product. For larger products, such as prefabricated wall panels, Integrity has truck-mounted cranes. Having the right tools helps ensure that the products arrive safely and are not damaged during off-loading.

Once materials are on-site, the order is once again checked by the drivers. “Ensuring that the order is delivered accurately – both in product and location – is a priority for our team,” explains Drake. “After the drivers complete a final count, proof of delivery photos are submitted as confirmation of delivery. This also helps clarify where the product was unloaded should questions arise.”

Delivering Excellence

Integrity understands construction and what is required to keep a project on schedule. “I come in to work every day committed to keeping our customer’s timeline on track,” explains Drake. “Our Logistics team is a well-oiled machine. We have the people, tools, processes and experience that is necessary to deliver on this commitment.”

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Jerry Myer of Integrity Post Structures received the Movers & Shakers Award for 2010 from Alberta Construction Magazine.


Agri-Trade’s Equipment Expo Ag Innovation Winner – Integrity Post Structures with their winning submission Perma-Column.


Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Young Entrepreneur Award of Distinction Winner – Integrity Post Structures.


Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.

Integrity Buildings wins in two categories for the 2018 NFBA Building of the Year Awards.

The NFBA (National Frame Building Association) has awarded Integrity Buildings with two 2018 North American Building of the year awards. The winner categories are “Hobby Shop” and “Institutional Building”.

Jerry Myer, Founder & CEO of Integrity says “Since day one at Integrity, we have made it our goal to not only be the best post frame builder in Canada, but develop new and innovative ways to make the industry better. These awards are an honour and we are proud to win, but they are also a testament to the hard work and dedication of an entire team to achieve our goals.”

Myer also added “Every building Integrity builds is custom. That means our customers get our industry leading expertise and are able to add their own ideas to truly make their building something that can be proud of for generations”.