STAY WARM: save energy

When it comes to your Integrity Building, don't underestimate the value of insulation. An insulation package from Integrity will help you control heat loss and gain, especially from the flow of air in and out of your building- and that creates crucial advantages and added benefits.

Integrity Insulation Package

  • Walls insulated with One Sheet Continuous Insulation exclusively from Integrity
  • Ceiling insulated with Corning Superpink blow in wool. R40, R50 & R60 value options
  • Finished interior with bright white 29 gauge cladding, including trims around doors and windows
  • Walls and ceiling sealed with 6mm CGSB poly vapour barrier

Additional options include:

  • Insulation installed on treated exterior and interior bottom boards prevents pests from entering the building
  • 1.5" rigid insulation for a combined R35.5 value to help limit thermal bridging between outside frost to posts, trusses and door frames

Strength-Enhancing Technologies and Materials

Part of our engineering process includes accounting for the use of new high-strength materials. Used where appropriate, these materials increase building strength, minimize building deflection/movement and ensure that your new building will stand the test of time.