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Premium Concrete Post Foundation Option: Perma-Column™ Comes With Lifetime Guarantee

Perma-Column™ posts are precast concrete, reinforced with 60,000 psi rebar welded to a ¼" steel bracket.

The patented combination of concrete, steel, and wood makes Perma-Column™ the unmatched post-frame foundation solution for municipal, commercial, residential and agricultural buildings.

The Concrete Perma-Column™

Post-frame construction has advanced beyond the practice of burying wood in the ground. Certified by the International Code Council, Perma-Column™ is the permanent foundation system that combines the lasting durability of precast concrete with the value of post-frame construction.

The Perma-Column™ is the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

The Integrity Post Disc, which sits under the Perma-Column™ concrete post, helps limit settlements with its extended surface areas by evenly distributing the column loading to the surrounding sub-gate.


Perma-Columns have been extensively tested by both Wisconsin and Purdue University. In comparative strength tests, Perma-Columns have proven to outperform the industry standard for wood columns. 

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Build better, build stronger, build to last.


Strength-Enhancing Technologies and Materials

Part of our engineering process includes accounting for the use of new high-strength materials. Used where appropriate, these materials increase building strength, minimize building deflection/movement and ensure that your new building will stand the test of time.