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Integrity was founded in 2008 and from the beginning, Integrity set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only built stronger, better buildings but also built stable and satisfying careers. “Integrity is the kind of company that you can stay with for the long run,” explains Bre Volansky. “Working here offers a positive environment and a place to build your career.”

Whether you want a role that can evolve and change or one that is consistent over time, Integrity has a place for you. “I like that I have been able to do the job I love every day,” explains Robin Miller, one of Integrity Building’s long-haul drivers that delivers material packages all over Western Canada. “I don’t need to worry about my job. I can stay with Integrity and just keep on driving.”


To understand what it means to work at Integrity, and why people stay, it helps to first understand our values – Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation and Safety. “Our values are ingrained in who we are and how we perform our work,” adds Bre.

“Integrity has always been defined by our values. Commitment, innovation and integrity drive everything we do,” explains Dave Marsh, Area Sales Manager for Southern Alberta and Integrity’s first salesperson. Impressed with the leadership and the quality of the product, Dave moved from Switzerland to work with Integrity. 

“Our values are why our customers choose us, and why they continue to choose us.” Dave points out that his first customer, Terry McLeod, has been with Integrity since the beginning and continues to build with Integrity over a decade later. “Terry was one of my first customers. He trusted me even when I was still learning, and we have successfully built several buildings, in several locations, together over the last fifteen years.” 

Innovation and a ‘can do’ attitude drive our expansion. “One of my favourite memories,” explains Bre, “was when we were working in Jerry’s barn and he decided we should make our own posts.” Bre goes on to explain that Jerry Myer, one of the founders, drew the design of a machine they could use to manufacture posts on a napkin, sourced the parts and built the machine.  “And just like that, we were manufacturing posts in the barn. It’s always been like that – put your mind to it and get it done.”


At Integrity we don’t stop learning, adapting and evolving, and we don’t expect employees to either. “Integrity has been supportive of my career and has given me the tools I need to succeed”, explains Bre. “Everyone, regardless of title or position, has always been approachable and ready to help.”

In addition to ensuring every employee has the tools and resources they need to succeed in their job, Integrity’s team understands the value of mentorship and how it can positively impact the growth of your career. “I wasn’t formally trained in accounting but I’ve been well guided and have learned a lot on the job from past and current financial leaders, which has helped me to succeed.”

“Integrity has always been a great place to work, where my personal values align with our culture. I really enjoy the people I work with and consider them to be like family.”

“I knew nothing about post-frame construction when I started,” explains Dave. With guidance from the founders, he became an expert in post-frame construction and now mentors his own team of sales reps. “I took what I learned from our own team and customers, applied it very successfully, and now help other sales reps succeed at this company.” 


“From the beginning, Integrity has worked as a team to get the job done,” explains Dave. “We started in a barn with four of us and had to wear many hats and help each other out. We have continued to grow and become a significant employer in the area, and we still pitch in to help wherever is needed.”

“Team is important,” explains Robin. “Pulling into a wide open farm in Saskatchewan is easy but more remote locations in BC can be tougher to access. I know I can call my team ahead of time and get all the information and support I need.”


A sense of purpose at work is when you feel meaningfully connected to your work, your team and the company’s mission and vision. It’s when you feel like you and your contributions matter. Regardless of the job, Integrity has built a company where every person matters and every job is important. “I drive a truck”, says Robin, “and I know that it matters. Making my delivery safely and on time is important to the team and to the customer.”

“I feel like we are all on the same team. From the CEO to the yard worker, we all have a common goal, we are moving in the same direction and with a strong sense of purpose. We are all important for the success of the company,” adds Bre.

A great sense of purpose at work drives innovation, a core value of Integrity. It also increases the positive impact Integrity’s employees have on the customer experience. “Our mission is to create long-term value for our customers,” explains Dave. “Integrity is successful because we have a common goal, we want to increase the value of our product for the customer. From manufacturing new and innovative building components such as storm brackets to improving upon our construction methods, every team works hard to improve the quality and value of our product. I am proud to be part of this team and to sell Integrity buildings.”


A lot has changed over the last 15 years at Integrity, but a lot has stayed the same too. “The feeling of belonging and connection, the sense of being on this crazy adventure together, and the commitment to our values haven’t changed,” explains Bre. “Integrity has always been a great place to work, where my personal values align with our culture. I really enjoy the people I work with and consider them to be like family.”

Dave and Robin agree. “I don’t want to work anywhere else,” says Robin. And Dave adds, “there is no need to work anywhere else, Integrity enables me to do my job and succeed. We have a proven product, we are firmly established in the market, customers have confidence in us, and I like what I do. I’m staying for another fifteen years.”

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Jerry Myer of Integrity Post Structures received the Movers & Shakers Award for 2010 from Alberta Construction Magazine.


Agri-Trade’s Equipment Expo Ag Innovation Winner – Integrity Post Structures with their winning submission Perma-Column.


Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Young Entrepreneur Award of Distinction Winner – Integrity Post Structures.


Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.

Integrity Buildings wins in two categories for the 2018 NFBA Building of the Year Awards.

The NFBA (National Frame Building Association) has awarded Integrity Buildings with two 2018 North American Building of the year awards. The winner categories are “Hobby Shop” and “Institutional Building”.

Jerry Myer, Founder & CEO of Integrity says “Since day one at Integrity, we have made it our goal to not only be the best post frame builder in Canada, but develop new and innovative ways to make the industry better. These awards are an honour and we are proud to win, but they are also a testament to the hard work and dedication of an entire team to achieve our goals.”

Myer also added “Every building Integrity builds is custom. That means our customers get our industry leading expertise and are able to add their own ideas to truly make their building something that can be proud of for generations”.