Before you Buy

Part of the Integrity experience is helping our customers to understand the process.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Post Frame Building

Part of the Integrity experience is helping our customers to understand the process. If you’re shopping around for a post frame building, ask these important questions first to ensure you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to the integrity of your building’s components.

Do you offer perma-columns?

Integrity Buildings is now exclusively offering Canadian post frame customers Perma-Column. Perma-Columns are precast concrete columns that allow for a concrete foundation on your post frame building. These five-foot precast concrete columns keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building’s foundation will last. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

Do you offer a disc option to extend the lifespan of your posts?

The engineered Integrity Post Disc, which sits under the Perma-Column concrete or standard post, will not break down or rot in wet conditions. 

The disc helps limit settlements, thanks to its extended surface areas, by evenly distributing the column loading to the surrounding sub-grade. Made of injection-molded plastic, the innovative honeycomb design ensures the disc stays in position under the post.

Do you use GRK fasteners to secure posts to rafters?

Known as the industry’s toughest, GRK Fasteners are the highest quality fasteners. No other fastener manufacturer in the industry can meet their quality and performance.

Did you know we are the ONLY post frame company to secure our posts to trusses using GRK Fasteners? 

Other companies just use nails. We use timber frame fasteners for superior holding power.

Are your posts laminated, glued and PWF stamped?

The foundation of any post frame building lies in the posts. Integrity posts:

  • Are manufactured with a comprehensive laminating system before delivery to the site. They are pressed, glued, nailed and metal–plated for a tighter lamination, extra strength and are consistently straight.
  • Each ply is individually pressure–treated before assembly, which means the treatment is throughout your column, extending the life of your posts.
  • Are PWF* stamped for underground use.

What is PWF? Why is it important for post frame?

Lumber used in Permanent Wood Foundations (PWFs) meets special standards set by the Canadian Standards Association. A higher level of treatment is applied to PWF wood to ensure it lasts for in-ground use (compared to regular treated wood that is used above–ground, such as in decks or fences).

Treated wood used in PWF looks similar to regularly treated wood, so be sure to look for the qualification stamp and incised markings of a ‘for underground use material’ and make sure your post frame company uses only this approved material.

Some companies just treat the outside of the finished post -– which will undoubtedly affect its lifespan. As well, some companies use artificial treated lumber that is not meant for use underground. Using “un-stamped” lumber on the column of your post frame building can drastically decrease the life of your posts.

Some post frame companies construct their posts on site by hand nailing laminations together without using a press. This means posts are not glued or may not have a tight bond between laminations, which can potentially lead to early de-lamination of plys within a structural column.

Does your metal have a 40-year warranty?

At Integrity, we use a superior large 3/4” rib metal that comes with the best 40-year paint warranty to ensure we’re doing the most we can do to prevent fading and keep your building looking its best.

Some companies offer the more commonly used inferior 20-30 year paint warranty on their metal with a smaller rib that often can fade faster. This means you end up with shorter lifespan than our 40–year superior larger rib metal.

Do you use 2 or better dried lumber?

We use kiln dried 2 or better lumber which is stronger, has better ‘hold’ for nails and screws, less likelihood of stain or decay, and better heat insulation and preservation.

Some companies use wet or inferior lumber that is cheaper but has the potential for loose cladding and adds a moldy black appearance to your wood frame.

    Are your crews meticulous?

    Our crews are local, very experienced and only work for us so we control the quality of service for our customers. We are proud of the quality of construction and the attention we pay to detail — something that can be hard to find in this industry.

    Some companies claim very short build times and a quick delivery of their product. You need to ensure your building is built squarely and correctly. A quickly built building isn’t always a well–built building. We put up our buildings with care and attention to detail.

    Does your warranty include 5 years on workmanship?

    With an Integrity building you get the best warranty in the industry including:

    • Manufacturer’s warranty for 40 years on coloured metal walls & roof
    • Five years on workmanship