Post frame buildings make hangar construction and design easy and affordable. Airplane hangars are a valuable asset, allowing you to minimize your plane’s maintenance and maximize your flying time.

When Forma Steel had to make the decision whom to use to build the new storage facility for all of their metal cladding, the answer was obvious: "We've seen the quality of the end product many times over and we knew how quickly the buildings get done" says James Coast, General Manager of Fort Macleod based Forma Steel.

Commercial buildings provide space for storage and for special projects. Whether you need a place to store a plane, or you want to have a place to operate your own wood working shop, a commercial building has to be suitable to your needs. When putting a commercial building in place, it is important to remember to install proper insulation. Sufficient insulation will provide your commercial building with a number of additional benefits.

Renting office space for your business can sometimes be very expensive in a long run. Instead, business owners can opt for constructing a new facility and enjoy the ownership of their office. In addition, buying a property can offer significant tax and equity advantage. Another advantages of choosing to build your office space by a commercial building builder is that you have the choice of design, wall textures and adornments to choose from to office space look more aesthetically appealing.

If a bad storm passes through Redvers, Saskatchewan, the newly expanded Fire Hall is built to withstand it. “When the expansion was designed, we made sure it would be built to last,” said Firefighter Brad Hutton. “Our fire hall will be the last building standing if we have disastrous weather come through here.”

Are you thinking about constructing an oil and gas building for commercial use or warehousing? Integrity Post Structures can engineer and build strong post-frame buildings to commercial specifications.

Doug Harvey contacted several companies about the possibility of building an airplane hangar. After careful consideration, he chose Integrity Post Structures. “I’m really happy with the way it was put together,” says Doug. “The crew worked together very well. The building turned out great.”

Beyond the typical farm use, post frame buildings are also widely used in commercial projects because of their cost-effective, practical applications. Wide clear-spans up to 120’ mean unobstructed space to lay out the building exactly as needed, whether it’s multiple bays with overhead doors, office space or warehousing large equipment.

The community of Dalum, Alberta, is served by 15 volunteer firefighters who make up the Dalum Fire Protection Association (DFPA). These dedicated volunteers help protect over one million acres of land from fire and motor vehicle accidents.

Thanks to the new Perma-Column technology that keeps wood out of  the ground, the  oil and gas industry now has a new efficient alternative for operations, commercial  or warehousing buildings.

Hangar construction and design can be easy and affordable. While hangars are sometimes referred to as glorified garages, they are a valuable asset—allowing you to minimize your plane’s maintenance time in the hangar and maximize your flying time.