3D model of single family home at framing stage

Precision and Collaboration:

A Closer Look at the Design and Estimating Team

Integrity Building Products is committed to delivering the framing materials our home-building partners need to complete their projects on time and on budget. The Design and Estimating team is a critical component for delivering on that commitment. The team employs their extensive knowledge and industry experience, innovative technology and systems, and a strong work ethic to get the job done right.

“The Design and Estimating team are often the unsung heroes of our offering,” explains Scott Myer, Chief Operations Officer for the Integrity Group and business unit leader for Integrity Building Products. “The team is more behind the scenes compared to our account managers and field team. However, getting our customers the materials they need when they need them hinges on our hard-working Design and Estimating team.”

Creating a Foundation for Success

The Design and Estimating team’s work is critical in building a solid foundation that will lead to project success. “From the beginning, the Estimating team works closely with Integrity Building Products’ account managers, supplying them with the material specifications and quantities needed to truly understand the scope of a project,” explains Mike Boon, Design & Estimating Manager. “The Estimating team is involved right from the start, ensuring all of the information is accurate and communicated efficiently and effectively.”

All projects begin with a complete breakdown of the materials required, provided by the Estimating team. This information is utilized by the account management team to create a comprehensive quote for the customer, including materials and costs required for the project. “We go above and beyond the typical calculator and spreadsheet estimating,” explains Mike. “We don’t just give the customer a number, we produce a traceable and verifiable bill of materials.”

“The role of the Estimating team in the beginning is critical,” explains Scott. “Our success, and that of our homebuilding partners, is determined by the ability to successfully budget for a project and then manage it. Integrity’s Estimating team has invested in the right quality assurance controls to ensure estimates are accurate.”

With a focus on quality, along with a regular review of key performance indicators, the Estimating team is a high-performing function that the account managers and customers can rely on. “We found solutions, such as greater integration with MiTek tools, that enhance our service delivery. We have focused on ensuring our data and information is accurate,” explains Mike.

Excellence through Collaboration

Every project starts with a critically important file set provided by the home builder’s Design team. Integrity’s Design team works from that foundation, designing out the various scopes of framing involved, with collaboration at the heart of it all. “Our collaborative approach has two objectives – to ensure the design is structurally sound and engineered to code, as well as to help address gaps or overlaps in the overall home design when including multiple scopes of work across numerous teams,” explains Stephen Belka, Program Manager for the Design and Estimating team.

Designer using MiTekThe Design team are specialists in what they do. Each team member has a specific scope, be it EWP floor systems, wall panels, or roof trusses that they are responsible for. The assigned designer performs the structural design and layouts for the model precisely from the homebuilder’s plan. Integrity does not change the aesthetics of the building, but they do make sure the structure is designed as per building codes. “The primary goal of our Design team is to ensure the building they draft meets engineering requirements and all the layouts are fully functioning for the builders’ framing teams,” explains Stephen.

As the team is reviewing the plans for structural integrity they are also preparing the document sets for production of the manufactured components. “The Design team is the hub,” explains Stephen. “They work with customers, and account managers, and also act as a liaison with the Supply Chain team. We need to ensure specialty materials are available, and if not, find acceptable alternatives. The Design team then prepares the file for production, giving the production team the plans they need to build the custom components required. There are always challenges along the way, but the Design team is equipped to manage them and find solutions.”

Commitment to Accuracy

Attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy define the work of Integrity Building Products’ Design and Estimating team. “It’s important that our homebuilding partners receive the materials they need in the correct dimensions and quantity,” states Scott. “This requires a high degree of attention to detail, quality control processes and systems, and diligence in the design phase. We listen to our homebuilding partners and we know that accuracy is their top priority. ”

Designer at work using MiTekOne strategy Integrity has employed to increase consistency and accuracy in design and layouts is the creation of a stock model database. “A number of our home building partners are production builders, which means they are building a set of home models over and over again. This provides the opportunity to build a database of stock plans based on their unique product offering. When they sell a model, even with customizations, we can start from the stock plan to efficiently confirm component designs and material takeoffs,” explains Stephen.

“The value of the stock plans is consistency and accuracy, as well as efficiency,” says Scott. “An unexpected outcome is that we have created a frame of reference for future builds. If we design a project based on a stock model, and the pricing or the component dimensions are not what we expected, it creates a flag. We can then identify and correct the discrepancy earlier in the process, saving our partners money and time.”

Partners in Success

Integrity Building Products’ Design and Estimating team is not just a support function; they are integral architects of the company’s success. Their unwavering commitment to precision, collaboration, and continuous improvement sets the standard for excellence in the industry, reinforcing Integrity Building Products’ position as a reliable and trustworthy partner for both single and multi-family homebuilders.

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Jerry Myer of Integrity Post Structures received the Movers & Shakers Award for 2010 from Alberta Construction Magazine.


Agri-Trade’s Equipment Expo Ag Innovation Winner – Integrity Post Structures with their winning submission Perma-Column.


Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Young Entrepreneur Award of Distinction Winner – Integrity Post Structures.


Jerry Myer, Owner/CEO has been selected to participate in the 2017 QuantumShift program. QuantumShift is an exclusive invitation-only leadership development program for 40 of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and the Ivey Business School at The University of Western Ontario, QuantumShift uses Ivey’s highly regarded case study method and award-winning faculty to help take the skills and talents of these entrepreneurs to the next level.

Integrity Buildings wins in two categories for the 2018 NFBA Building of the Year Awards.

The NFBA (National Frame Building Association) has awarded Integrity Buildings with two 2018 North American Building of the year awards. The winner categories are “Hobby Shop” and “Institutional Building”.

Jerry Myer, Founder & CEO of Integrity says “Since day one at Integrity, we have made it our goal to not only be the best post frame builder in Canada, but develop new and innovative ways to make the industry better. These awards are an honour and we are proud to win, but they are also a testament to the hard work and dedication of an entire team to achieve our goals.”

Myer also added “Every building Integrity builds is custom. That means our customers get our industry leading expertise and are able to add their own ideas to truly make their building something that can be proud of for generations”.